Multiple Teams · Alert System

Parents and players, we have an alert system that allows you to sign-up to get information or changes on any team you want through our website. This is an easy process that will send changes coaches or the athletic department want to send out directly to your phone and email. In the link below is a simple process to get signed up so you can be informed on the fly to changes that coaches or the athletic department sends out. With the crazy Colorado weather, changes occur often and sometimes at the last minute.  Not all coaches have chosen to be trained on it and some may not be using it, so check with your coach to find out if he/she will be using it.

With a few teams that have been using it, some players who signed up only to receive text alerts weren’t getting the alerts every time because their carriers were blocking the alert e-mails as spam.  VNN suggests to avoid not getting the alerts to sign up for both text and e-mail alerts as well as getting the VNN Sports mobile app (if you have a smart phone).  With this app and e-mail, you should get the alerts.

Link to instructions on getting signed up.

Note: The webpage to sign up is